Meet The Experience

Based out of New York City & Long Island, Matt Fox has already worked with some of the music industry’s finest, such as 5-time Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Alvin Fields (Kanye West- “Power”, “All of the Lights”, “Lost in the World”, “On Sight”, Drake- “Lord Knows”, J.Cole- Born Sinner album) and 3 time Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, Mary Brown (Danity Kane- “Bad Girl”, “Destiny’s Child- “No, No, No”). Having grown up listening to everything from Classic Rock & Doo-Wop, to R&B/Soul, Alt. Rock, Euro-pop and Hip-Hop…he has taken his eclectic taste and transformed it into his own form of pop music. Matt has been certified as a professional Audio Engineer by the Recording Engineers Institute and is a member of the Recording Engineers Association. He is also a member of SESAC and the CEO/President of Fox Experience Publishing & Fox Experience, Inc.

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